11pc Violet Collection

7 oz

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For a limited-time one-of-a-kind offering!

Featuring berries, nuts, and artisan chocolates curated by our Master Chocolatier. 

Each box contains:

Mini pecan mogul

Toasted caramel coconut cluster

Almond cluster

Rocky road cluster

Seafoam dome

Strawberry meltdown

Violet bomb

Raspberry cheesecake bomb

Sea salt toffee peanut butter cup

Vanilla bean caramel

Sea salt caramel

Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk ingredients, chocolate liquor, sunflower and/or soy lecithin, vanilla, vanillin) • Almonds • Pecans • Coconut • Peanut butter (peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil [cottonseed, rapeseed, soy], salt) • Toffee (sugars [sugar, lactose], milk ingredients, almonds, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, sunflower oil, salt, artificial flavour) • Peanut powder • Confection (sugar, palm oil and/or palm kernel oil, milk ingredients, natural flavours, titanium dioxide colour, soy lecithin) • Caramel (sugars [cane sugar, glucose, invert sugar, corn syrup, honey], milk ingredients, hydrogenated coconut oil, soy lecithin, salt) • Marshmallows (sugars [cassava syrup, cane sugar], water, cassava starch, carrageenan, soy protein, natural vanilla flavour) • Chocolate chips (semisweet chocolate [sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, dextrose], sunflower lecithin) • Dehydrated raspberries • Sponge Toffee (sugars [sugar, glucose], water, gelatin, baking soda, salt) • Coconut sugar • Egg whites • Coconut oil • Cocoa butter • Modified corn starch • Cornflower petals • Salt • Sea salt • Natural and/or artificial flavour • Colour (erythrosine, brilliant blue FCF, allura red, sunset yellow FCF, tartrazine) • Rice protein.

Contains: Milk •Peanuts • Nuts • Eggs • Soy. May Contain: Wheat • Sulphites.