6pc Valentine's Bomb Box

8 oz

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No need for cupid. Our Bombs are up for the task to melt some hearts this Valentine's Day.

Never heard of our Bombs? You're in for a treat! Bombs contain a smooth milk chocolate centre that is then wrapped in caramel, dipped in more chocolate, and decorated to perfection.

Ingredients:  Chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, milk, sunflower lecithin, vanillin, vanilla) • Sugars (sugar, glucose, corn syrup, inverted sugar) • Milk ingredients • Whipping cream • Vanilla • Colour (erythrosine, sunset yellow FCF, tartrazine) • Water • Salt • Egg whites • Rice starch • Modified corn starch.

Contains:  Milk • Eggs.  May Contain:  Peanuts • Nuts • Soy • Wheat • Sulphites.